Tuesday, June 8, 2010

George Lewis--Basketball Fan

On Saturday's Nightly News story about the death of UCLA basketball coach John Wooden, George Lewis told us that Wooden had won 627 regular season games at UCLA. That's incorrect. Wooden actually won 620 games at UCLA. On Saturday, Wooden's name and stats were all over the internet and the newspapers. The New York Times printed Wooden's won-lost record on the front page of their sports section--in bold type. A google search for Wooden turns up more than 15 million hits, and it's likely that most of those sites list his correct win total. Did it ever occur to Lewis to check the L.A. Times website? It's unbelievable that Lewis could get this wrong. And it's unbelievable that the Nightly News producers, editors and other personnel who worked on this story would allow this error on the air. Nightly News broadcasts frequently contain spelling, grammar, math and factual errors. If we can't trust them to get the small stuff right, how can we possibly trust them with the big stuff?

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