Saturday, June 12, 2010

No One Cares At Nightly News

During the intro to Thursday's Nightly News broadcast, Brian Williams referred to Arlington National Cemetery as "hollowed" ground. The correct word is "hallowed".

Also on Thursday's broadcast, a Nightly News graphic identified Billy Nungesser as the "mayor" of "Placquemines" Parish, Louisiana. Actually, he is the President of the Parish, and the correct spelling is "Plaquemines". That's two errors in one graphic. As if the people of that region haven't suffered enough, they also have to suffer the indignity of seeing Nightly News misspell the name of their Parish.

On Friday, a promo for "Meet the Press" at the 20-minute mark of the broadcast informed us that Sunday's guest would be "White House Advisor David Axelrod". Eight minutes later, another MTP promo informed us that the guest would be "Senior White House Adviser David Axelrod". It is beyond comprehension that the Nightly News producers cannot manage to spell a word the same way twice in the space of eight minutes. Not only that, but in the time between the promos, Axelrod seems to have been promoted from Advisor to Senior Advisor. Congratulations, David.

No one cares. No one's trying.

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