Saturday, June 26, 2010

Show Notes--June 21-25

*On Tuesday's Nightly News, we were shown an on-screen transcript of audio statements made by Michael Hastings (author of the "Rolling Stone" article about Gen. McChrystal). The transcript includes the phrase "president Obama". The "P" in President Obama should have been capitalized.

*After that story, Brian Williams referred to Richard Engel as "our chief foreign affairs correspondent." That is incorrect. Engel is the Nightly News chief foreign correspondent. Andrea Mitchell is the chief foreign affairs correspondent.

*On Wednesday's story about the earthquake in Canada, Brian told us that the quake was felt in 19 U.S. states. But the accompanying map indicated only 18 states (and the District of Columbia). Someone needs to tell Brian that D.C. is not a state.

*On Wednesday's story about the U.S. World Cup victory over Algeria, Ian Williams told us that the U.S. goal came during "overtime". Not true. The goal came during added time. It can also be called bonus time, injury time, extra time or stoppage time. But it was not overtime. There is no overtime in the initial group stage of the World Cup.

*Congratulations to Brian Williams for correctly spelling the names "McChrystal" and "Petraeus" on his blog this week. On his 10/30/09 blog, Brian misspelled both those names.

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