Tuesday, June 29, 2010

No One Cares At Nightly News (Part 2)

During Saturday's Nightly News story about the G20 summit in Toronto, Chuck Todd featured a clip of a man identified as "Stuart" Patrick, from the Council on Foreign Relations. Actually, his name is Stewart Patrick. If anyone at Nightly News had bothered to google "Stuart Patrick Council on Foreign Relations", they would have gotten a message reading "Did you mean Stewart Patrick?" Obviously, no one bothered. They rarely do.

During Sunday's story about nine soldiers from Chosen Company who were killed in a firefight with the Taliban in Afghanistan two years ago, Richard Engel interviewed someone identified by a Nightly News graphic as Sgt. "Christoper" McKaig. His name is Christopher, not Christoper. Is this how the Nightly News producers show their respect for the survivors of this deadly battle? By misspelling Sgt. McKaig's name? Shameful.

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