Tuesday, July 13, 2010

A Great Man And A Not-So-Great Man

From Brian Williams's July 12 Daily Nightly blog: " I feel great about what South Africa has just pulled off. It was great to see Nelson Mandella on the field prior to yesterday's final game, and the country that vowed to welcome the world without incident and with great hospitality...did just that."

Nelson Mandela is one of the greatest men of the past century and Brian Williams can't even manage to spell his name. That is appalling! Third graders can spell Mandela's name, but Brian can't. Well, at least he spelled "Petraeus" correctly later in the blog. Which is more than I can say for Brian's Oct. 30 blog, where he spelled the General's name as "Patreus" (Brian also spelled "McChrystal" as "McCrystal" that day).

Brian goes on to write about soccer: "...and its become a staple of American recreation, if not American big-money fan support..." That should be "it's", Einstein.

Update 7/20/10--The incorrect spelling of "Mandella" on Brian's 7/12 Daily Nightly blog post has now been corrected. Of course, there was no acknowledgment of the mistake, or any apology to Mandela. My post pointing out Brian's error has been deleted. It's as if it never happened. It's like one of those suspense movies where someone finds a dead body, but by the time they summon the police the body (and the blood) has disappeared. Call it "CSI 30 Rock".

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  1. You should consider getting a different hobby. And maybe some professional help while you're at it. This is just sad.