Saturday, July 3, 2010

Brian Visits The Gulf And Plugs Taco Bell

From Brian Williams's June 29 Daily Nightly blog titled "Traveling in the land of crawfish, with Blackberry":

"I neglected to post on this just-concluded trip to the Gulf. The truth is, we were in motion and working constantly—up at 5am every day to service the TODAY Show, working late on the next day's material before crashing, and on the move and shooting stories by day." It's really distasteful when people who earn 8-figure salaries complain about their tough work schedules. Brian's comment reminds me of BP CEO Tony Hayward saying, "I want my life back."

"We're all friends -- we've travelled thousands of miles together over the years, and it was heaven -- a great night with wonderful food and good company." How come in the blog's title Brian uses the word "Traveling", but in the blog's body he uses "travelled"? One "L" or two? He should pick a spelling and stick with it.

"The nicest, kindest, most hospitable people in the world live in [Venice] harbor. They welcome you in and will offer you a meal, a beer, or the shirt off their back. I love it here." I think at some point, Brian has made this same statement about the people from every single city in the U.S. If this is Tuesday, it must be time to pander.

"Drive-up window, Taco Bell, Pensacola, 10 pm" (This caption accompanied a photo--taken by Brian--of the Taco Bell drive-through window.) How much money does Taco Bell spend advertising on NBC every year? This is just a shameless plug from Brian to his pals at Taco Bell. Too bad Brian couldn't figure out a way to insert a McDonald's photo/plug into his blog. Hasn't he heard of photoshopping?

From Brian's June 30 Daily Nightly blog: "I arrived at 30 Rock this afternoon in time to join our afternoon editorial meeting in progress—and I noticed something on the bottom of my shoe: oil. I had carried it from Florida by air to New Orleans, through the airport, onto the plane, through LaGuardia and all the way to our newsroom. And now...its preserved forever in this photo. This oil stains like ink from a pen—I have it on my shirt and pants, and on a shirt from a previous visit. It doesn't come out. There's a lesson in that." Okay Brian, we get it. Go ahead and claim your boots, shirt and pants on your NBC expense report. I'm sure they'll reimburse you for your damaged clothing.

"And now...its preserved forever in this photo." There's supposed to be an apostrophe in "its" (it's). If a word is a contraction (such as for "it is"), it takes an apostrophe.

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