Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Test Your Products On Brian Williams

Twice in three days Nightly News has reported the exact same story about the increasing number of pets being left in Gulf Coast animal shelters because their owners' lives are in flux. More accurately, Nightly News reported the story on Saturday and then on Monday they reported on how great their Saturday story was. Is there any newscast that loves itself more than Nightly News? And is there any newscast that spends more time reporting on itself than Nightly News?

Here's a great idea: Why doesn't NBC purchase all the pets that have been left in Gulf Coast animal shelters and donate them to their pals at GlaxoSmithKline, Pfizer, Revlon and the other pharmaceutical and cosmetics giants so they can be used for product testing? Imagine all those cute little puppies with electrodes sticking out of their heads! Imagine all those cute little kitties who are blind because mascara was poured into their eyes three times a day! Imagine all those pets with no hair and horrible skin rashes because they were used to test the next great hair-growth drug from Pfizer! Brian Williams and his producers are the biggest hypocrites in the news business. Almost every night, they run a story about someone helping dogs, cats, horses, etc. (well--it's easier than reporting actual news). And Brian is always bragging about how much he loves animals. Meanwhile, Nightly News accepts millions of dollars every year in ad revenue from companies that cruelly test their products on animals. Here's a thought: I'd like to see these companies test their products on Brian Williams.

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