Saturday, July 31, 2010

Brian Williams Is A Vainglourious Basterd

From Brian Williams's July 27 Daily Nightly blog: "Okay, as promised: 'Mad Men' this past Sunday. Not that anyone asked. First of all, I read that viewership amounted to 2.9 million (estimated), which is interesting—and proof that this really is a niche show, that not everyone 'gets' or likes or is excited about it. And just for comparison, our broadcast this time of year averages just north of 7 million viewers an evening, while during the dead of winter, we were north of 11 million viewers earlier this year."

This is truly unbelievable. What an arrogant, intolerable, insufferable, pompous ass he is. In a blog about "Mad Men", Brian actually makes a point of bragging about his ratings!

Brian continues: "Again, mostly small potatoes, known as 'continuity errors' in the trade. There are a slew of websites devoted to the art form of picking them out. My personal favorites include Nicole Kidman calling Tom Cruise by his real name in Days of Thunder, when he was playing a character named 'Cole'. Then there's the scene from 'It's Complicated,' where Alec Baldwin is tying a necktie in front of a mirror. It's all over the place...and Brad Pitt's bow tie and tux in 'Inglorious Basterds.' These are great finds."

Here's a great find: the actual title of the movie is "Inglourious Basterds". What a joke! In his condescending, I'm-so-much-smarter-than-you blog about errors in "Mad Men", Brian misspells the name of "Inglourious Basterds". Nice going. He spends every moment of his time desperately trying to show how much smarter he is than everyone else. It's hard to imagine that anybody could spend more than thirty seconds with him before feeling the need to leave the room. Has he no shame? By the way, since Brian has so much fun pointing out errors in movies and TV shows, here are some errors from his own past blogs and broadcasts:

* 11/7/08--On his blog, Brian misspells Paul Volcker's last name as "Volker".
* 2/9/09--On his blog, Brian misspells "Alison Krauss" as "Allison Kraus". He gets both her names wrong!
* 4/22/09--After Secretary of State Hillary Clinton called Pakistan's continuing instability a "mortal threat" to the U.S., Brian reported on the air that she had called it a "moral threat".
* 10/30/09--Brian misspells the names of Gen. Petraeus (as "Patreus") and Gen. McChrystal (as "McCrystal") on the same blog post.
* 5/25/10--In his Daily Nightly blog, Brian misstates the name of former oil exec John Hofmeister's book. Brian refers to it as "Why People Hate the Oil Companies". The actual title is "Why We Hate the Oil Companies". * 6/22/10--On the air, Brian refers to Richard Engel as the NBC News "Chief Foreign Affairs Correspondent". Wrong. Engel is actually NBC's Chief Foreign Correspondent. Andrea Mitchell is the Chief Foreign Affairs Correspondent (on 2/20/10, Brian introduced Mitchell as the "Chief Foreign Correspondent").
* 7/12/10--Brian spells Nelson Mandela's last name as "Mandella" on his blog.
* 7/16/10--On his broadcast, Brian announces that, "Overseas tonight, a deadly first in Mexico's deadly drug war--a car bomb." News flash--Mexico is not overseas. Also on that broadcast, Brian referred to Malia Obama as the President's "eldest" daughter. Eldest is used when there are three or more parties involved. Malia is the President's elder daughter.

Maybe Brian should spend less time searching for errors in "Mad Men" and spend more time correcting the errors on his broadcast.

From Brian's July 29 blog: "All in all, a busy week for our humble blog and your humble blogger!"

I guess if there's one word to describe Brian Williams, it would be "humble".

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