Saturday, January 23, 2010

Fact Checker Position Available. Apply At NBC.

On Wednesday's Nightly News, Chuck Todd told us that Ayla Brown, daughter of Senator-elect Scott Brown, had been a finalist on American Idol in 2005. In fact, she only advanced to the semi-final round, and that was in 2006. On Thursday, a story about the excessive Goldman Sachs bonuses included a clip of Joseph Stiglitz. He was identified on-screen as a "Nobel Prize Winner", but we were not told in what category. Did he win the Nobel Peace Prize? Did he win for Physics? Chemistry? Literature? I guess we'll never know. (In that same story, Anne Thompson informed us that this past year, Goldman Sachs paid out $16.2 billion in salaries and bonuses--which amounts to an average of just under $500,000 per employee. That average salary is 1/20 of Brian Williams's annual salary.) On Friday's story about relocating Haitian orphans, we were shown a clip featuring the director of an orphanage known as "God's Littlest Angels". A moment later, Mark Potter refers to the organization as "God's Littlest Angel". Is anyone at Nightly News paying attention?

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