Saturday, January 16, 2010

Let's All Feel Bad For Ann!

This is Ann Curry's Jan. 14 Daily Nightly blog from Port-au-Prince, Haiti:

"All hotels are down, so we are sleeping on the tarmac... Brian in a tent, me in a Canadian Air luggage container, many others on metal grates. In all cases, the ground is hard, so we are using blankets, pieces of foam, some of us even suitcases to sleep on top of. We are worried about rats, which are numerous. There are lots of mosquitoes. Hard to sleep because the planes are so loud, especially the c130s. We have to negotiate for bathrooms in nearby buildings, and are currently without one. We brought in water, but are running out of food, which now consists of MREs. We hope for more supplies tomorrow. Tonight we have a luxury... the crew of one plane gave us all airline pillows. We are definitely not comfortable, but we are also in the lap of luxury compared to so many here in Haiti. How are we successful? There are no whiners amongst us. We are all focused on getting the story out that must be told."

OMG, Ann! Your story is so tragic. No place to sleep, mosquitoes, rats, lots of noise, inadequate bathroom facilities, little food and water--I feel so bad for you. Perhaps you should ask the Haitian people for some help. You spend your entire blog entry complaining and then end by saying, "There are no whiners amongst us." Give me a break. You are an incredibly selfish person.

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