Saturday, January 2, 2010

The Jazz Singer

I would like to thank Brian Williams for his three-and-a-half minute profile of 15-year-old jazz singer Nikki Yanofsky that aired on Thursday's Nightly News. Meanwhile, that night's broadcast did not even mention the Finnish man who massacred five people at a mall near Helsinki before killing himself. But at least we know that Nikki Yanofsky dedicated a song to her dog.

I would also like to thank Brian for the great stories he presented on Friday: Health updates on Rush Limbaugh and snowboarder Kevin Pearce, new laws that take effect Jan. 1 and the story about the real-life corporate downsizer similar to the character portrayed by George Clooney in "Up In The Air". Of course, Brian did not mention the mudslides near Rio de Janeiro that have killed dozens of people over the past few days. But there's only so much time in a thirty-minute broadcast. At least we got to see some cool clips of George Clooney. Thanks, Brian. Keep up the great work.

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