Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Brian Williams Addresses The Peabody Committee

The following are excerpts from Brian Williams's May 3 Daily Nightly blog:

"Tonight will be our 26th Nightly News broadcast from New Orleans and the Gulf Coast since Hurricane Katrina first hit."

So what does Brian want, an award? Actually, yes. He wants a Peabody Award. This is Brian's not-so-subtle way of lobbying the Peabody Awards Committee. "Look at me. I spend so much time in New Orleans. Much more time than Katie or Diane. Can I have a Peabody Award?" (That wasn't actually a direct quote from his blog.)

Also from Brian's May 3 blog: "While boarding our flight here, a nice man sitting in an 11th row aisle seat on Jet Blue from LaGuardia stopped me as I was headed to my seat -- to thank me, and the network, for our coverage from here over the years. I don't mean for that to sound immodest...."

Oh, no, of course not. Brian Williams--immodest? It hardly seems possible.

"The people here [in New Orleans] continue to be the most welcoming I've ever encountered."

Pander much?

"I just received a top-to-bottom tour of a houseboat owned by people who were strangers to me just an hour ago."

Duh. People like to be on TV. Hasn't Brian ever seen The Jerry Springer Show?

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