Saturday, May 1, 2010

Down With Bri--I Mean Davis!

On his April 12 Daily Nightly blog, Brian Williams wrote that he didn't like Davis (the D.J. character) on HBO's new show "Treme".

Brian, I agree with you 100%, brother. I don't like Davis either. He's a pompous, arrogant ass who thinks he knows so much more about music (and all other subjects) than everyone else. He imagines that he's pals with Elvis Costello, Dr. John, Allen Toussaint and many other musicians who don't even know that he exists. He's so much holier-than-thou, I'm surprised he doesn't have a halo. I read that in an upcoming episode, Davis attends a Christmas party where he plugs his iPod into the house sound system because (of course) HIS MUSIC is so much better than everyone else's music. I also read that he will be starting a website called DavTunes, where he will review music, interview musicians and provide clips of some of his favorite songs. Because obviously (in his mind), people desperately need this information. Can you believe the ego on this guy? I wonder how on earth the writers came up with him.

Like John Lennon says on "Steel and Glass": "This is a story about your friend and mine. Who is it? Who is it?"

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