Saturday, May 15, 2010

Sade Baderinwa Reports The Christian News

It's appalling what is allowed on the air at WABC. On the May 14 5:00 PM newscast for WABC (New York's local ABC affiliate), anchor Sade Baderinwa introduced a story about possible teacher layoffs in New Jersey with this comment: "Tonight, some teachers in New Jersey are holding their breath and certainly saying a few prayers hoping they aren't next to receive a pink slip...." Really? Prayers? The story that followed did not show anyone praying. It did not show anyone talking about praying. And Toni Yates (who reported the story) did not mention praying. So why did Baderinwa tell us that people were praying? Obviously, she was projecting her own Christian views onto the story. But this isn't the first time Baderinwa has injected Christianity into the newscast. On the March 31 5:00 PM broadcast, there was a story about a 15 year-old Trenton girl who had pimped out her 7 year-old sister at a party. After the story, Baderinwa's comment was, "Poor little girl. Prayers are needed tonight." How dare she say that on a network newscast! And at least two times in the past year, Baderinwa has ended a story about children averting injury by saying, "What a blessing." (One of those stories was about a toddler who fell from a second story window and landed on some large rubber balls; the other story was about a teenage girl who fell down a building's chimney but received only minor broken bones.)

Is anyone at WABC watching their own broadcast? Aren't they keeping tabs on what the anchors say? A producer or director needs to instruct Baderinwa that it is completely inappropriate for her to air her Christian views as part of a local news broadcast. News is supposed to be secular, but it appears that WABC stands for "We Always Broadcast Christianity". If Baderinwa wants to broadcast the Christian news, she should go work for The 700 Club or The Christian Broadcasting Network. But she certainly should not be allowed to air her Christian views as a news anchor on ABC's flagship station.

Incredibly, Baderinwa isn't the only on-air personality at WABC who is allowed (or encouraged) to broadcast their Christian views. On the Jan. 19 5:00 PM newscast, Carolina Leid reported a story about a New York-area man who had been trying to adopt a Haitian girl before the earthquake hit Haiti. Leid said (of the little girl), "Her orphanage is still standing by the grace of God." Really? If Leid has evidence that God exists (and specifically spared the orphanage), she should share it with us. That would be quite a news story. But if she (or Baderinwa) have no such evidence, they should keep their mouths shut on matters of Christianity and stick to reporting actual news.


  1. Hey Norman,

    You know you right. In today ultra-sensitive environment TV anchors should not have any literary leeway to talk about a story using words that are patently offensive, in their context, like the word "praying."
    Norman what I suggest is you get a petition going or form a protest group to hunt down these perpetrators of the use of the word "prayers." I mean who knows where this misuse can lead? Today a News shows tomorrow a sitcom.
    Norman the world really needs your scrutiny and as far as Sade B. well everybody know she was run over by a hit and run driver and came as close to dying as anybody has so she obviously did a lot of praying not to die. Sade probably has a predisposition to sympathize with people on a death sentence like those about to lose their jobs.

  2. wow you are a paranoid scared individual. spend and dollars lately??

  3. Like it or not, this country was founded on Christian principles. Sade has every right to express her opinion. Whatever happened to freddom of speech in this country? I'll bet if she was a Muslim no one would dare complain.
    The Christian-bashing must stop. How dare YOU!!!


    1. Life is too short and precious. Toss the rage, resentment and indination aside. Focus on joy and the occassional uplifting story the anchors get to broadcast. We have become so jaded, we are condemning prayer. Find another issue or cause that is significant unlike this one.

  4. What harm is it to you that she mentioned prayer? Thats is the only hope we have in this world. I believe in Jesus Christ and pray for faith, love and spiritual blind people like your everyday. Without God, no joy, love or hope, believe it.